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"Setting up confirmed sales appointments has become second nature to us" says member of the TeleStar team, when asked about his work. "And I am not exaggerating" he promises with a slight smile. Then he returns to his desk, reaches for his headphones and starts making appointments – something that he has always done effortlessly.

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Can you think of things that are second nature to you? You brush your teeth every morning. You make your cup of tea every break. Do you ever commit mistakes? Aren't those little functions carried out perfectly?

That is because, with these chores, you have reached the final stage of learning –what they call 'unconscious competence'. You can be thinking about anything - the movie you watched last night, a perfect gift for your spouse, weekend plans – and still do the tea perfectly. You do it every day and there is almost zero possibility for errors.

That is the kind of competence you witness at Telestar appointment setting

The appointment setting team at Telestar has worked with several well known names and set up quality sales appointments effortlessly. And the main reason for the level of competence achieved by the team is John Knight, appointment setting stalwart and founder of TeleStar appointment setting.

What you ought to know about John

"John would arrive at 9am with his sandwiches and work on the telephone all day making appointments for sales people to visit companies to whom they wanted to sell", recalls a colleague of John's. It completely impressed and surprised him that John was able to set up appointments with companies and senior executives that had previously been out of reach for his clients.

Following a 28-year career in multiple companies, John started TeleStar, a telemarketing services company that specializes in business to business appointment setting at senior executive level. He handpicks members of his appointment setting team and trains them himself. As a consultant in the telemarketing industry, John assesses a company's new clients, carries out day trials, and advices on scripting and preparing projects.

With about 3 decades of experience behind him, no wonder fixing quality sales appointments just like that is as easy for John as nibbling on a sandwich!

Wouldn't you like it if your appointment setting is handled by experts to whom it is second nature?

Well, here is your chance!

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