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Can you guarantee a definite number of appointments per week?

Even though successful appointment setting depends on the skills of the callers, market and client specific factors also play a significant role in determining the receptiveness to a particular product/service. Since we cannot predict the market conditions for your offering; we are unable to guarantee the appointment numbers. However, we are pleased to say that we have exceeded our clients' expectations in nearly every project we have taken on.

What happens if an appointment we paid for cancels before time?

We guarantee that any cancellations by your prospects will be replaced free of charge.

How can I be assured of the caller's voice and accent?

Unlike other call centers, we place a special emphasis on speaking like a senior executive. Because our people speak to the high level executives, we also train our caller to speak like an executive in that level. We also do special training on voice modulation and accent. If you have any doubts, we can set you up on a conference call with a caller and you can judge it for yourself.

Can we start immediately? What capacity can you handle?

Yes, we can start immediately. In addition to the UK team headed by John Knight, we have a hand-picked team based outside of the UK with excellent telephone skills and professional voices. We can immediately start with managing projects requiring up to 50 appointments a week. We are expanding all the time and we are confident to meet any of your rigorous capacity demands.

Is your service based on long term contracts only?

No we don't bind our clients with long term 3 to 5 years contracts. For the price per appointment plan, all we have is an agreement to do the project for 6 months and then continue for every 30 days after that. For price per day plan, it is just a one month rolling contract and you have the flexibility to decide how long or short you want the campaign to run.

I was not able to make a sale on the appointment you set. Will I get a refund?

Even though we would like you to make a sale on each and every appointment we set, we cannot guarantee the sales on the appointment. You will agree that any sale depends on your sales person's skill and ability. Our appointments are set strictly according to the criteria you provide prior to the start of the work. Our charges are also set based on your qualification criterion. So we cannot guarantee a refund if you are unable to make a sale on the appointment we set.

We do not have any data, can you provide it?

Yes, we will refer you to our recommended data provider. They will contact you. You can specify the parameters for the list ranging from company type, geography, size, etc. However, Telestar does not vouch for the accuracy of the data purchased.

Who creates the script?

After discussing your product or service with you, John Knight will personally write the script for your project. He will check with you on the script before start of the project.

Do you provide any other service apart from appointment setting?

Yes, we do. Other services include data cleansing, lead generation, market survey, mystery shopping and seminar maximization services. As you might be aware, appointment setting is rather a hard nut to crack. Because we have expertise in providing such a challenging service in itself, other services like data cleansing are a piece of cake for us.

How do you obtain the decision maker's name with regards to data cleansing?

We generate an appropriate scenario and script that the callers will use to obtain the right name.

I have the decision maker's name but can you help me obtain e-mail addresses?

Yes certainly, we devise an appropriate scenario and script to collect these and any other details for you

What reporting format do you use?

Our reports are produced in an Excel and pdf format but we are happy to consider other formats you prefer. For some clients, we also use a CRM system. We are happy to do it however you need it.

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